INBIO Lab seeks persons interested in fundamental and applied global change ecology.___ Undergraduate and graduate students: please, email me with a CV and a statement about your research interests including leadership and science experiences, as well as professional goals. We are looking forward to your application!_______________ K-12 students: please, email me an intention letter. #Graffiti by Rubén Rojas

Mitzy Porras Becerra

Carlos Navas

Collaborator/ Evolutionary physiology, Professor, Universtity of Sao Paulo

Mónica Medina

Collaborator/ Marine ecology, Professor, Pennsylvania State University

James Marden

Collaborator/ Biology, Professor, Pennsylvania State University

Tomás López


Michael Hrncir

Collaborator/ Animal physiology, Professor, University of Sao Paulo

Juan Antonio Raygoza

Collaborator/ Researcher, University of Iowa

Jesper Givskov Sørensen

Collaborator/ Evolution, Professor, Aarhus University

Geo Santiago-Martinez

Collaborator/ Molecular and cell biology, University of Connecticut

Sylavain Pincebourde

Collaborator/ Biophysical ecology, Tours University

Clemencia Rojas

Collaborator/ Associate professor, University of Nebraska Lincoln

Salvador Meza

Collaborator/Programa Nacional Moscas de la Fruta. Metapa de Domínguez Chiapas,Mexico

Alejandro Rojas

Collaborator/ University of Arkansas

Rodrigo Pinzon

Science & Rock Fest C.E.O.

Río Ñambi Natural Reserve


Planetario de Bogotá-Idartes